Renovation Tips that Make Any Room Look Larger

Many of the projects we take on revolve around providing clients with updated renovations in their home. Something a lot of homeowners want to have their rooms more spacious, but because we cannot always expand the square footage of the room, we offer suggestions to make the room appear more spacious. Here are some tips for a spacious living room.

1. Light Colors:

The way you manipulate or use light actually plays quite a large role in how spacious and comfortable you may feel in a room. So you will notice that manipulating light in many of our tips below are a key factor in creating the illusion of space.

By sticking with light, neutral tones in a monochromatic color palette you will make a room appear more spacious.

Designer tip: soft blues and greens match well with white based backgrounds for an optimized larger space.

2. See More with Glass

The transparent nature of glass can help give the illusion of a wider, open space, instead of feeling closed off with spaces partitioned by a standard wall or door. Letting in lots of light, particularly natural light helps to open up a space, and glass is the ideal sound and weather proof barrier to help you accomplish that.

    • Bathroom: It’s extremely common to swap out a bathtub for a contemporary glass enclosed shower. This can be a particularly good idea for home owners who want to modernize and maximize the space in a smaller bathroom or if you are considering adding an additional bathroom for guests or in the basement.
    • Living Room: Glass doors are most commonly seen as the access way to the backyard or deck from the living room and kitchen, but we’ve also built some very beautiful projects that expand your home living space and let in more natural light with enclosed decks and porches.
    • Glass railings in and outside of the house add to an open concept look, while presenting an extremely sleek, modern look to your home that also remains timeless.

3. Open Shelves:

Having open shelves in any room is not only great for achieving an airy look and less visual blockages, but they can also work nicely to display accent pieces, glassware, photos etc. These types of shelves are not only easy to install but are also affordable. Designs can vary as they range from simple wood slats to shelves with decorative moulding.

4. Mirrors:

Mirrors bounce light to make any room brighter and therefore, appear larger than they are any time of day. Additionally, they also create the illusion of more space in any area. Placing a mirror near a window or well-lit area are ideal to creating the concept of more space. Consider using decorative mirrors or furniture with mirror panels like consoles or side tables already incorporated in its designs.

    • Bathroom Inspiration: This is an obvious one, but sometimes home owners neglect that they can install a full length mirror, which covers one complete wall and instead choose a more smaller, standard sized mirror. By adding an extended length mirror this means more light is being reflected and the illusion of more space. This will also allow for more than one person to use the mirror at one time.
    • Kitchen: Consider installing mirror panels along the interior wall of a small kitchen instead of your typical kitchen tile for a more impactful backsplash.
    • Bedroom/Hallways: Mirrors in the bedroom and around the home are most commonly seen as mirrored closet doors and place particularly well in narrow hallways or by the entrance way for a quick check on your appearance before you head out of the house or for guests entering in.

5. Functional Furniture:

Strive to furnish your room with furniture that has a dual purpose such as dining tables that can be folded away or extend out for additional seating, or ottomans with secret storage that can also act as seating or a coffee table in your living room.

Designer tip: Furniture with legs creates a sense of space in the room and light colors that blend into the wall or other large pieces of furniture will trick the eye into thinking the room is actually much more spacious.


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