Energy Efficiency Improvements You Can Make To Your Home

Add an Extra Layer of Insulation in the Attic

How much insulation does a house truly need? The U.S. Department of Energy has created a fact sheet to helps homeowners decide if the insulation in the home is sufficient for their given climate. Newer homes are often well insulated, while houses several decades old (or older) can often benefit from an upgrade. Because “hot air rises,” the attic is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss. Even some newer homes do not contain sufficient insulation in the room below the roof. In an under-insulated home, an extra layer of insulation could lead to savings and allow a homeowner recoup costs in a mere four or five years.

 Install New Doors and Windows (or Seal the Current Ones)

By adding weather stripping or caulking around windows, a property owner can eliminate drafts and make a home cheaper to heat or cool. If taking this simple step is so effective, why would anyone want to spend the extra money to install new windows or a new front door? In buildings that feature older single-pane windows, sealing around the frame may not be enough.

Newer window models do a much better job at keeping the interior temperature regulated because they do not allow much hot or cold air to escape. Windows with wood frames or wood-clad frames offer the best value when it comes to insulation. They are, unfortunately, slightly more expensive than vinyl or aluminum models, but could be worth the higher price


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