2021 Designs Trends That Aren’t Coming into 2022

A new year means a fresh start, and that even includes some home design trends. Unfortunately, not every look that was super popular in 2021 will make it to 2022. Now none of this is to say that any design choices are objectively good or objectively bad, this is just the trends that designers think are saying goodbye.

So here are some of the trends that are staying in 2021:

  • Open Concept Homes: The open concept design plans were a great idea a few years ago, but we now have different needs and now know that privacy is a huge part of any design. Many homes are now needing to accommodate the new challenges we are facing every day with the pandemic. Working from home while the children are attending school from the dining room table can make for a very eventful day at the office with an open concept floor plan. More and more, we are understanding that our homes must fit our lifestyle and be fully functional for years to come.
  • Cheap Replicas: Savvy shoppers and DIYers are starting to find great well-made vintage pieces and reupholstering or painting them to bring them a fresh look. With the continued rise in resources like Pinterest and Youtube -and now Tik Tok- many homeowners are leaving behind the cheap replica furniture and starting to find better long lasting pieces that can be up-cycled.
  • Shiplap: Thanks to HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, shiplap became a hot trend. But now shiplap is going by the wayside. Unless you live in an actual farmhouse, you may want to consider a faux finish, or better yet, wallpaper.
  • Minuscule Home Offices: Due to the pandemic the shift to needing an adequate and functional home office is essential. In 2022 the home office in a closet will go away. Adults are continuing to work from home meaning dedicated offices are back.


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